The Mission

Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors surfaced from the ashes of Madison and Wisconsin NORML. In 2018, a mutiny occurred between the deputy director, treasurer, communications director and secretary, who plotted to overthrow the elders.

The elders worked diligently to form Cannabis advocacy in Wisconsin. Between Ben Masel, Gary Storck, Greg Kinsley, Nate Peterman and Jack Herer, the Wisconsin capital successfully moved legalization forward by reducing fines in Monona and enlightening legislators.

The mutiny created NORML Wisconsin, who stole the Wisconsin NORML brand from the elders and hijacked the quorum without formally conducting procedures with Robert’s Rules of Order.

Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors seeks to relight their mission and advocate moving Wisconsin into a 90-day medicinal trial to survey the effects of Cannabis triage with the pandemic. Once the 90-day legislature passes through the governor, Wisconsin will be aligned with other states to ratify federal prohibition. 33 out of 50 states must present one mutual repeal. So far, Wisconsin is surrounded by three of these states.

One Nation Under the Advocacy of Jack Herer

Moving Wisconsin Forward with a 90-day Medicinal Trial

Photo by Washarapol D BinYo Jundang on Pexels.com

The Advocacy

Scholarly sources presented to legislators take the myth out of the equation.

For example, the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board website offers specific policies, which aid our lobby with information from legalized states.

Our website blogs and pages provide links to reliable sources that supplement our ongoing mission.

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The Lobby

Our 10-point plan as an organized collective bargaining website distributes information as a unified panel to facilitate and deliver firsthand data from our marketing survey platform.

We are conducting surveys to reach those who are trauma informed to distribute information with our monthly newsletter.

Please email centaurfivedelta@yahoo.com to register to receive our newsletter coming in 2022.

Photo by Washarapol D BinYo Jundang on Pexels.com

The Launch

We believe that all who are trauma informed, not just veterans, require Cannabis as a basic human need to combat the aftershock of Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder. We will be working to build our platform in the meantime.

Our website is an ongoing platform for undergraduate research to distribute the medicinal effects of Cannabis with trauma and mental health awareness. Cannabis prohibition continues to rob those who are challenged with grief and trauma. We are seeking to move Wisconsin into the Medicinal stage of state legalization.

Wisconsin continues to silence the voice of those who seek treatment not only with mental health, but with opioid and alcohol detox. Illinois currently offers an opioid for Cannabis exchange. Wisconsin needs to bring trials forward instead of ranking dead last with Reefer Madness.

About us

We are a Congressional and State of Wisconsin lobby seeking to enlighten the masses of the benefits of Cannabis.



7532 Conifer Ct. Deforest, WI 53532 centaurfivedelta@yahoo.com
(608) 852-1983

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