The formation of the Wisconsin Cannabis Churches League cooperative

We, Founder Jennica Stein, The Lion of Judah Rastafarian Church Founder Jesse Schworck and Editor-in-Chief Bradley J. Burt, are forming a cooperative that represents both a University of Wisconsin philanthropy and chaplain sacramental distribution and administrative service for pandemic refugees.

The Wisconsin Cannabis Church League helps Jesse Schworck afford legal representation, develops teams through workshops, drum jams and webinars and teaches members of the Lion of Judah Rastafarian Church how to be street reporters.

We are calling America to order asking we assemble in unity through the sacrifice of our POW MIA on Friday September 16 at 11:11 a.m., which formally assembles as POW MIA Recognition Day.

Through the “I Will Not Forget Campaign,” headquartered at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, we form our federal POW MIA advocacy lobby, which doubles as an anthropological research project sharing the scientific value of religious Cannabis.

Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors represent truth in reporting. We are a formation of non-profit entities representing the religious need for usage with pandemic refugees in Madison, Wisconsin, and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater campus.

The Lion of Judah Rastafari Church seeks community support, whose hearing on August 22 seeks the motion to dismiss, appears before a Wisconsin judge.

Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors reached out to Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers through the Jaded Patriot Press request for joint interview on Thursday.

The interview takes place at Starin Park in Whitewater, Wisconsin, during the POW MIA smoke out for inclusivity for a class documentary.

The interview request seeks Rodgers’ appearance for POW MIA Recognition Day “I Will Not Forget smoke out for inclusivity” event, which honors 1st Lt. Jerome A. Volk and his 70th year missing. The Lion of Judah Rastafarian Church Founder Jesse Schworck will provide the sharing of the peace.

Rodgers recently faced scrutiny for his admitted ayahuasca usage. The interview doubles as a story for the upcoming final season game at Soldier Field December 4.

The inclusivity campaign, hosted by Outpost 422, was a final class project for corporate communication team building.

The team project provided coverage of POW MIA events asking the university for a virtual place all can connect.

The smoke out for diversity provides sacramental authorized usage for ceremonial events.

The annual inclusivity event remembers the POW MIA and honors their families through the Lion of Judah Rastafarian Church blessing, covered by Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors and published as a UW-W Blogs documentary.

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  1. […] Fri 8/12/2022 12:36 PM WKOW- My name is Bradley J. Burt. I am currently filming a documentary about Jesse Schworck and the development of the Lion of Judah. We are trying to raise awareness about the POW MIA and invited Aaron Rodgers to an interview at Starin Park on POW MIA Recognition Day. The smoke out raises awareness for military cultural incongruity I have experienced on campus being a veteran with post-war disabilities. I am meeting with the vice chancellor of student affairs addressing my college experience. The documentary connects through Gonzo journalism, which is my portfolio for my multimedia freelance journalism workshops. The documentary is for the journalism independent study 498 course. The topic is fear and loathing. I have included several items I have trademarked through my intellectual property portfolio called Outpost 422. The class reporting outlet is called the Jaded Patriot Press. All projects are a part of the independent study 498 portfolio and will be a national field reporter and newsgathering outlet, which started in 2020 covering convergence reporting attending both Madison College and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater serving as the Madison College Clarion general manager of broadcast. The following videos are excerpts from the upcoming documentary, which discuss Schworck’s upcoming hearing on August 22. Gonzo-19 Documentary Press Release: The formation of the Wisconsin Cannabis Churches League cooperative – Wisconsin Cannabis Warriors […]


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